A little bit about us...

Versus Performance Computing was created with one thought in mind, to provide top of the line custom desktops, hand crafted from the finest hardware.  Located in Southern California, Versus offers custom desktops and pre built systems unparalleled by anything else on the market.   

Our passion for technology combined with years of hands on experience combine during the design and construction processes of all of our products, ensuring each machine is not only powerful and reliable but a work of art as well.  

Here at Versus we believe performance, reliability, and aesthetics must be considered at all stages of desktop design and construction.

This attention to detail culminates to deliver a final product that is truly revolutionary, reshaping the world of gaming rigs and workstations; from basic builds to fully personalized machines, Versus strives to deliver extradorinaiy products at affordable prices.  

There is no room for compromise here at Versus and that is made clear by the quality of our product; from top to bottom, no stone is left un-turned while constructing your system, to ensure you are satisfied with each and every part of your machine.