The Versus R Series

Starting at $2,199.99

The Best of the Best, No Compromises. The R Series boasts a level of quality and feature set that you expect from a fully custom PC. 
The R series uses top of the line hardware through and through.

Features found only on the R Series:

  • The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv case in 3 different sizes

  • Custom Cable Sleeves (up to 3 color choices)

  • Asus Aura RGB Case, Motherboard, RAM and Graphics Card

  • Corsair ML Pro Series Fans For Silent Operation

  • Commander Pro for enhanced control of your system

As Elegant as it is Powerful.

Why Versus

Each and every one of our desktops are built in house at our Southern California facility.

From start to finish, only one Versus Technician works on each system. This delivers desktops of unparalleled quality and uniformity and ensures every detail is given its due attention.

Every desktop is performance tested after its assembly to ensure optimal function of each individual component, as well as the system as a whole.

Only after passing the rigorous 72 point testing process without failure will the system be given its Versus Certificate of Authenticity.

Rather custom Build?

Contact us today and get your dream PC build under way.

Be as detailed as you wish. You can provide a specific spec sheet or simply describe what you have in mind.