Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

What is the build time for a custom desktop from Versus-PC?

Versus-PC prides itself on delivering high quality custom desktops in a timely fashion; no more waiting months for your new desktop.  Build times however do vary due to hardware availability.  Barring any out of stock items or shipping delays on special ordered components, custom desktop build times range from two to five days depending on the complexity of the machine.

How does Versus-PC ship desktops, what precautions are taken to ensure it arrives intact?

All Versus-PC desktops are shipped in the box that the case originally came in, with all factory packaging and padding to ensure protection during transit.  We ship using UPS or FedEX depending on the dimensions and destination of the package; both UPS and FedEX offer tracking and insurance options. Please Contact Us if you have any special shipping needs or are located outside of the continental United States, as our standard shipping rates will not apply, however we will gladly work with you.   

Does Versus-PC offer personalized desktop builds?

Versus-PC offers both personalized gaming desktops and workstations of all performance levels. From unique hardware specifications, to one of a kind aesthetics, Versus-PC allows you to configure your dream system and have it professionally built!  Please explore our Custom Gaming Desktops and Custom Workstations pages for more information.  

 Does Versus-PC offer Overclocking Services

Versus-PC offers overclocking on all of our builds.  Overclocking provides dramatic performance increases offering more bang for your buck out of your hardware.  Here at Versus-PC we have years of overclocking experience on many different platforms, from countless hours spent overclocking systems in contests and product testing.  However, overclocking specific hardware components may affect the original warranty from the manufacturer, therefore it is done at your own risk.  

Are hardware substitutions available on Versus-PC Pre-Built desktop models?

Flexibility is one of the core values of Versus-PC.  With that said however, only basic substitutions like GPU, storage options, and memory can be made without charge.  If you would like something similar to one of our pre built gaming desktops or workstations, but none of them are quite what you are looking for, explore out our Custom Gaming Desktops and Custom Workstations pages.  If you have a question regarding a possible substitution or modification, please don't hesitate to contact us.