Versus-PC has countless hours installing, configuring, and overclocking on the latest motherboards, offering in depth knowledge from hands on experience that translates into a build that maximizes hardware performance and reliability.

Versus-PC offers custom gaming desktops based on both the current Intel platforms, Z170 and X99. Boasting DDR4 memory compatibility and support for the latest Intel processors, both the Z170 and X99 platforms support the leading edge of desktop CPU's, delivering unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Motherboards We Recommend

While other hardware is available, Versus-PC strongly recommends Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, or MSI motherboards; these companies have spent immense time doing research and development to deliver high performance, reliable components, all the while adding new innovative features along the way. It is difficult to go wrong with these brands as they are offer excellent products across the entire price spectrum.

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