All desktop liquid cooling technology relies on the same basic principles, passing liquid over metal heat sinks attached to the processing or other heat generating components, and then dissipating that heat into the atmosphere via a radiator.  Both custom and all in one liquid cooling solutions use this structure to provide efficient cooling for your desktop's hardware, however there are few large differences between the two.  Custom cooling solutions offer extreme versatility, and are able to cool a variety of different desktop components.  All in one units however are limited to cooling the CPU only due to their lack of radiator space.  Custom cooling solutions offer a dramatic advantage with the addition of one or more large coolant reservoirs, increasing the volume of coolant contained in the loop, in turn providing superior efficiency.  

Featuring the latest innovations and technology in liquid cooling options, Versus-PC custom gaming desktops offer the latest hardware from EKWB, increasing overall performance, reliability and longevity of the system. These extreme cooling setups offer decreased operating temperatures, and increased performance.  Versus-PC custom gaming desktops offer liquid cooling solutions for both CPU and GPU, and even motherboard cooling in some situations.  Alongside the performance benefits of a custom cooling loop, Versus-PC custom cooling solutions look fantastic, transforming and ordinary desktop into a work of art.  

Versus-PC also offers cost effective all in one liquid cooling solutions, delivering great performance at a fraction of the cost of a full custom loop.  Both the Corsair Hydro Series and EKWB all in one CPU cooling loops easily accommodate a variety of motherboard and processor combinations, allowing easy installation to virtually any system.  Another added benefit of all in one cooling solutions is their maintenance free operation, as they come pre sealed and assembled from the factory.   While the personalization options are dramatically limited, the functionality of the units remains similar.  

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