Though commonly undervalued during the design process custom gaming desktops, the case chosen as the backbone of the machine in many aspects is just as important as the hardware it contains.

There are many things to take into consideration when selecting a chassis, however Our Top 3 Things to Consider Are:

- Space limitations
- What hardware is desired inside the case
- Budget

Desktop cases come in all shapes and sizes, easily accommodating space saving compact builds to super towers filled to the top with high performance hardware. The huge number of variations among computer cases, materials used, and build quality lead to extreme price variance, from less than $100 to over $1000, desktop chassis from traditional plastic cases, to all metal and glass works are readily available. Some cases are also able to more easily accommodate Multiple graphics cards, E-ATX motherboards and extreme cooling as they give more interior space due to their design than other cases of the same form factor.

Keeping these factors in mind during the design process of a custom desktop is integral to constructing a machine that meets all of performance and aesthetic needs.

What We Recommend

While there are an overwhelmingly large number of computer cases on the market, Versus-PC highly recommends InWin, and Corsair chassis for their performance oriented design and high quality nature. NZXT desktop cases are also very high quality products bringing unparalleled affordability and unique innovations to the world of desktop PC chassis. Though InWin, Corsair, and NZXT cases are some of our favorite to build in, there are many other options out there and Versus-PC looks to accommodate all custom case related needs.

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